What is your price policy?

We have per-hour & job type based service prices. Our garden maintenance related services start at a minimum charge of £49 for the first hour, and every subsequent hour will cost you extra £38. Our jet washing service rates are based per sq.meter – £2 with a minimum charge of £50. For more information, please contact our sales team at 019 9364 0045.

What is your special occasions availability? ( bank holidays, short notice appointments)

We are available seven days per week, 365 days per year. If you need us to come during a public holiday or even within a short notice, we will be there for you!

Will you cancel the job if there’s bad weather outside?

We would not cancel your appointment even if hurricane katrina is raging in your neighborhood 🙂 Joking aside, we would only cancel an appointment if both our gardeners fell sick and there’s no one to replace them. Rest assured though – that had never happened so far and we promise you won’t be an exception 🙂

In case you need more time than predicted, will you stay until the job is done?

Extending the task completion time is something we can do. Though it depends on our team’s daily availability. If their presence is requested elsewhere, a follow up appointment will then be arranged. However, in more than 90% of the cases we are able to accurately predict our job time frame and deliver on time.

How many gardeners do you usually dispatch?

Based on our previous experience, we’ve determined that 2 men teams are the optimum solution for most gardening jobs. They complete each other, work faster, which will eventually cut down the final bill.

Do you include garden green & brown waste disposal in the price?

We offer free disposal of up to 180l of garden waste. If you exceed that volume, we’ll be happy to take out the rest at price our gardeners will determine on site. To be more precised, we charge extra £3 for a 90l bag and £45 for a one ton bag.

What do you need owners to provide prior to the session?

We have anything we need – experts, tools, equipment. All we want from you is to make sure we can access your garden even if you are not at home. That can be pre-arranged when booking the service you want us to carry out.

Do you provide some other garden related jobs that are not specifically mentioned in your service list ? (flower planting, fence painting or attaching, rotavating your garden etc.)

Yes, we can do all of the above mentioned. Bear in mind though, these tasks require extra planning & supplying (get the exact plants or the materials for your fence renovation), so notifying our sales team at the time of the booking is something you ought to do.

We believe there are various other issues we had not covered in this page. So, should you have more questions, do not hesitate and ask directly at 019 9364 0045.