Tree Surgeon Experts

tree surgeons in witneyWhen it comes to trees, you’ll want to be certain that anyone you trust with your work is fully insured, qualified and skilled. You can fully rely on our tree surgeons service in Witney – ¬†we have for all of your tree maintenance including felling, pruning, and repair work. This excellent garden service can be used as a stand-alone service, whenever you need tasks such as tree reduction or even stump removal undertaken. When you combine this work with one of the other services we offer, you may qualify for a discount against our normal rates. Plan your tree work for the autumn and combine it with gutter clearance to protect your home from water damage. Alternatively, when you’re planning a new garden design the tree surgeons will work alongside the designer who’ll transform your plans into reality.


The Advantages of A Professional Tree Surgery

Trees in the wild can, by and large, be allowed to live out a natural cycle. In your garden, where space counts, you may need to control their size, and of course, ensure that unsightly or even potentially dangerous deadwood is removed under controlled conditions. Trees in a confined space need a degree of management to make sure that they stay healthy and contribute to the attractive appearance of your garden. See what past Witney customers say about the benefits they’ve seen from the careful tree surgeon’s work, in our client reviews.

Read the handy checklist below for a few more details of how our tree surgery services work:

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Book any of our services, including tree surgery through our 24/7 phone line 019 9364 0045. One of our consultants will come to your home to assess the job and answer any questions you have. You’ll be given a free personalised quote and have the option of confirming an appointment right away or ringing us back when you want to set up your work. Use one of our two web based contact methods if these are more convenient for you. Fill your details into our contact form and we’ll call you, at the time you’ve indicated suits you.